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Alfred Faust

! Furtherdevelopment stopped !

Because of growing health problems, I have had to decide inOctobre 2009 to stop the furtherdevelopment of

BarsnPipes New

for all supported systems.

This decision was extremly hard to me,
because me was allowed for near 10 years to work on this wonderful program..

But already the bible says:
"For all things there is a season, and every will under the heaven has its time determined.
Because for every will there is time and judgment"

(Kohelet 3,1)

At this place I will give my heartily thank to all user - for all the patience,
kindness and loyalty and for many good and helpful words and pep-talk.

Especially I will give my thank to Todor Fay, which have had created the brilliant

Bars&Pipes Professional

together with his staff members.

I thank him very much for allowing me to work on the furtherdevelopment of the programm
in the year 2000. I've done this with big joy for all users of the program.

Nevertheless I'll stay ready for help to solve problems around BarsnPipes and/or other Blue Ribbon Inc. programs.

NEW: BarsnPipes for OS4 v.0.6 beta (Changes since ver.0.5)

This site is mainly made for

AMIGA-Users .

** This software has only been tested thoroughly on AMIGA computers, but other interested computer users are, of course, welcome to browse.

All material, that you find on this page, is


But you have to pay attention in each case to the Copyrights.

The source-code for

Bars&Pipes Professional 2.5c

is available in the download section for all interested friends.
The source-code was being officially authorized for publication by Todor Fay (the master of Bars&Pipes) on 25. May 2001.
I want to give him a very big thank for this fantastic gift to the Bars&Pipes-community.


The version developed further by myself is available in the download section.
Like all other stuff here it is Freeware.

New is:
For volunteers, which want translate the program: there is in the download section, a package "CatTrans.lha" with
all material, which will needed for such a translation (included the catalog-compiler, CComp, and a short guide). I would be very
pleased to see many different translations. If you have made a working translation, please send it to me (as an attachment to an
e-mail) and I will upload it to the download section.

Here is a screenshot-picture(187kB) from the new BarsnPipes with a 32 color skin.
Here is a screenshot-picture(310kB) from the new BarsnPipes with a 64 color skin (made from the MOS-version).

At the moment I am trying to port BarsnPipes to the new PEGASOS/MorphOS PowerPC - System.
For this reason, I'm not able to further develop ver.1.23 for some time. Thank you for your consideration.

This site gives explanation, guides and tips for: I have made this site, because:
Like many other homepages, this page is never finished .... ;-)
It is possible, that somewhat looks new, if you come back to this site.
If a link don't work means this, that I'm not ready at this place.
Don't be surprised at the black background color in some pages. I have chosen it because of the pictures of Bars&Pipes.

Where there are links taking you to other internet-sites, I cannot be held liable by the content of those sites.
Especially disassociate me from such sites, which are are
In addition disassociate me from all attempts, to make people dependent from other people with psychological or religious tricks or methods.
Please read also the Impressum. (german)

If you have questions, wishes, or anything else you want to tell me, please mail to:


And finally, I′m german men, so please excuse my bad English!

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