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! BarsnPipes 1.2 for MOS 3.17 !
January 1st, 2023

After many weeks of intensive work, I could finish an extended and improved version
of BarsnPipes for MorphOS 3.17 and higher. Since the first version in 2005
some improvements and changes have been made to the MorphOS system.

Therefore BarsnPipes had to be adapted and partly reprogrammed.
A complete recompilation of the main program as well as all tools and accessories
was necessary.

I included all new available tools and accessories for which the source code was available
and whose use with the new version makes sense.
That are 102 tools and 6 accessories.

Import and export of MIDI-files (*.mid) was integrated into the main program.

The 10 different mouse pointers in the editor are now 32bit png pointers, like in the system.

For developers, the Rules for Tools and the SDK by Michael Rees have
been revised and recompiled as an extension of the same.

The documentation for the Catalog translations is also available,
as well as the Rules for Skins (designing custom interfaces).

... and more.

! BarsnPipes 1.0 for OS 4.1 FE !
BarsnPipes New
Due to increasing health problems I had to decide at the end of October 2009 to stop,
the further development of

BarsnPipes New

for all supported systems. At that time I thought that this would be the end of my programming activities.
But it is:

"Der Mensch denkt, und Gott lenkt!"

(Man thinks, and God guides) - is an old German proverb.

It came Corona and Lock-Down and very much free time. So I had the idea to update my "old" OS4-
computer(2006) to OS 4.1 FE (Final Edition).
After a few days and a lot of headaches I had finished the new system.
(I had not worked with this system for almost 10 years).
The whole development environment including CubicIDE and the SDK ver. 53.30 was soon ready.
So within a few weeks I could rebuild the complete BarsnPipes to the new OS 4.1 FE.
(edit, modify and compile).
This includes all tools and accessories which were under OS4.1 FE to bring to run.

For developers of Tools or Accesories I have updated and extended the "New Rules for Tools",
also because of some additional specifics, which have to be considered under OS 4.1 FE,
as well as the special development environment for Tools and Accesories by Michael Rees.
These enhance the "New Rules for Tools" by many ingenious functions,
and simplify the development of tools and accessories not unimportant.
The material for own catalog translations is also updated and provided.
Of course, the instructions for creating your own surface styles for BarsnPipes
could not be missing at the end.
So there is also a new version of the "Rules for Skins" available for download.

I have increased the version number of this new BarsnPipes release to 1.0.
I added OS 4.1 FE to indicate that this version is made especially for OS 4.1 FE,
among other things for its new memory management.
I have decided to this version "jump" because:
  1. has now reached a stage of development that justifies an official edition,
  2. I wanted to take the opportunity to give a special gift to the BarsnPipes
    community once again.

This site is mainly made for

AMIGA-Users .

** This software has only been tested thoroughly on AMIGA computers, but other interested computer users are, of course, welcome to browse.

All material, that you find on this page, is


But you have to pay attention in each case to the Copyrights.

The source-code for

Bars&Pipes Professional 2.5c

is available in the download section for all interested friends.
The source-code was being officially authorized for publication by Todor Fay (the master of Bars&Pipes) on 25. May 2001.
I want to give him a very big thank for this fantastic gift to the Bars&Pipes-community.


The version developed further by myself is available in the download section.
Like all other stuff here it is Freeware.

New is:
For volunteers, which want translate the program: there is in the download section, a package "CatTrans.lha" with
all material, which will needed for such a translation (included the catalog-compiler, CComp, and a short guide). I would be very
pleased to see many different translations. If you have made a working translation, please send it to me (as an attachment to an
e-mail) and I will upload it to the download section.

Here is a screenshot-picture(187kB) from the new BarsnPipes with a 32 color skin.
Here is a screenshot-picture(310kB) from the new BarsnPipes with a 64 color skin (made from the MOS-version).

At the moment I am trying to port BarsnPipes to the new PEGASOS/MorphOS PowerPC - System.
For this reason, I'm not able to further develop ver.1.23 for some time. Thank you for your consideration.

This site gives explanation, guides and tips for: I have made this site, because:
Like many other homepages, this page is never finished .... ;-)
It is possible, that somewhat looks new, if you come back to this site.
If a link don't work means this, that I'm not ready at this place.
Don't be surprised at the black background color in some pages. I have chosen it because of the pictures of Bars&Pipes.

Where there are links taking you to other internet-sites, I cannot be held liable by the content of those sites.
Especially disassociate me from such sites, which are are
In addition disassociate me from all attempts, to make people dependent from other people with psychological or religious tricks or methods.
Please read also the Impressum. (german)

If you have questions, wishes, or anything else you want to tell me, please mail to:


And finally, I′m german men, so please excuse my bad English!

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