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Setting to work

If the PCB is ready, connect all pins to out.(power, audio, MIDI, RESET, serialconnection).

For the audio-output I use chinch-outputs.

!!! CAUTION !!!!

Don't use the audio-outputs of the soundcard direct for headphones or speakers. This will destroy the audio-IC's of the card. Use an external amplifier for this. It shall be a Hifi-amplifier, because of the very good quality of the soundcard. The computer amplifiers in the most cases are to bad for that quality.

Before you switch the power on check savely all what you have done up to this time.

Put the PCB to the DB-50XG. Be carefull, that all pins in the right whole.

If all is OK, than connect the amplifier with the card.
Switch the power on. Press the RESET-switch for 1 sec.
Start the sequencer or a other MIDI-file-player (like "MIDI-play")
and if ALL is OK - enjoy the music ...

If not ... don't panic !!! Switch the power of and check all ones.

I have needed 2 days if all worked fine ...

In the Net are tonns of XG-MIDI-Songs.