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What we need

For the MIDI-interface:

1x MAX 232 CPE (the variant ECPE have a protection against overvoltage up to 15 kV)

4x 22F/16V

2x 220 Ohms
1x 4,7 kOhms (5k)
1x doublerowed pinconnector 2x13

solder connectors

For the powersupply:


(At the PCB shall be one, that have a pinscreen of 5,08 mm. The inputpin shall be the two in the middle. That is a type of 4 Ampere.)

For example type: KBU4B (4A / 100 V)

3x 470 F/25V standing
2x 2200 F/25 V standing
3x 220 nF

1x1,5 kOhms


1x BD136 or similar pnp-transistor


1 x 12 V (for example: BZX79/12 o.s.)


1x 7812
1x 7805

For the controller-IC must be a cooling. I think a aluminiumsheet 2mm thickness 60 cm ( 10x6 cm ) is enough.

For making the PCB:

- transparentpaper (for the exposuremask)
- a piece of 6 x 10 cm fotopositv PCB-material

- a UV-lamp (a normal flourescent lamp does the same)
exposure time with UV-lamp : 3 min
exposure time with flourecent-lamp : 7-8 min
(a small distance between lamp and PCB is necessary)

- developer for the exposured PCB: NaOH
- corrosive for the developed PCB: FeCl3 or other