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The name says it - that is a set of tools to program the DB-50XG.
(That works also with other XG-Devices)

The parts are:

1. XG-Main-Edit (the main-editor to simple choose the XG-sounds; works on the main parameters; works also with GM-devices; it bases in the main on controllers)

2. XG-Reverb-Edit (to program the reverbeffect-generator)

3. XG-VarFX-Edit (to program the variationseffect-generator)

4. XG-Multipart-Edit (to program the card in the multipart-modus)

5. XG-Drum-Edit (to program and choose the drum-kits)

6. XG-Reset (to make a clean software-reset)

7. Hex-Transmitter (to give in the Sysex-commands direct)

With exception of No.7 all tools are able to write there data to that track it is placed in.

The tools, that are let stay in the pipeline, will be stored with there data with the song.

That means, if the song is loaded later, the XGTools remembers all datas. So it is possible to work away on a song in a later time.

There is also a guide that explain all.
And for programmers there is also the source code of all tools.

Download here:
The source you may get here:

And the XGToolset is FREEWARE .... :-D