BarsnPipes History

     Alfred Faust

    Ver. 1.0 (01.07.2001)

    This is my first official release of the furtherdeveloped
    Bars&Pipes Professional 2.5cbeta.

    The version 1.0 indicates:

    - this is the beginning of a new "developing-line" of Bars&Pipes
      for "classic" AMIGAS
    - this is the first release (of course ... :-) )
    - there are more than any small alterations.

    Ver. 1.01 (05.08.2001)

    - removed the problems with the checkmarks in the editor-window-menu

    Ver. 1.02 (13.08.2001)

    - listeditor now works correct
    - Piano-Roll-Bounds-Requester somewhat altered
    - Songlength input is now possible in normal (Bars:Beats:Clocks) and
      in realtime (Hour:Min:Sec.Frame)
    - grayscale <-> color switching in the Environment now work like it
      shall, (backswitching from grayscale is now ok)
    - the screenmode.prefs renamed as BnPscreenmode.prefs, because the
      systemscreenmodefile in Env: and Envarc: is called screenmode.prefs
      to avoid confusions
    - german BarsnPipes.catalog altered somewhat
    - some small cosmetic changes, to show this is a new
      release ... :-)) (pipeimages)

    Ver. 1.03 (16.09.2001)

    - a new "Sysex-Editor", a "simpel" stringgadget
      (Choosable in the Environment)
    - Editor opens only with the Staff-Notation and the velocity
    - Screenmodeprefs integrated into the Environment-Prefs
    - no longer Tooltypes in Bars&Pipes icon, all settings are stored in

    Ver. 1.04 (26.09.2001)

    - screenmoderequester only shows modes with height >330 and width >610
      (This is, because the editorwindow must fit the screen. If you give in
       dimensions smaller than 610x330, this have no effect. The screen will
       open always in a minimum of 610x330.)

    - added a Hotkey for "Edit PadTool Controls" in main- and editor-window:
      AMIGA + F (many chars always used as hotkey, so I choosed F because
      it wasn't in use in both windows)

    - enhanced the TempoMap-Editor with the well know Edit-Functions

    - added the possibility, that the edit-functions (Cut,Copy,Paste...)
      of the main-window (track-window) - menu will also work on the TempoMap.
      The user can choose, if this shall be.

    Ver. 1.05 (08.10.2001)

    - in TempoMap-Editor-Menu "Shift" integrated
    - camd.library integrated
    - new CAMD-MIDI-In and CAMD-MIDI-Out Tools
    - false background-color of tracknames in SongConstruction fixed
    - if no BarsnPipes.prefs was  found  at  start,  a  Screenmode-Requester
      appears, this maybe helpful for people without a 15kHz-monitor

    Ver. 1.06 (18.10.2001)

    - inputerror of the Magnify-window in the track-editor removed
    - integrated a gridfunction for the "normal" Track-Editor
    - solved (hopeful) the problem with the garbled Piano-Keys

    Ver. 1.07 (28.10.2001)

    - enhanced the "classic" SysEx-Editor to a real Editor, so  the  "poor"
      new SysEx-Editor not longer neccessary - I've removed it

    - removed the bug with the edit-markers in the Track-Editor
      (BarsnPipes was freezing if one of the editmarkers was moved left, and
      "Align Flags with" was not Measure)

    - also removed a bug in the "Align Flags with"-Menu

    - removed problems with checkmarks in some small windows

    - removed the bug with the disapearing keysigns (natural, flat,  sharp)
      in the staff-notation (this was very hard to find ... )

    Ver. 1.08 (13.12.2001)

    - included a Auto Save function

    Ver. 1.09 (01.01.2002)

    - bug with the toolkonsole of  the  editor  removed  (tool  disappeared

    - songname of the current song is shown in the asl-requester if  a  new
      song will be opened

    - "Save Icons" - bug removed (was always on)

    - in Editor (Edit-Menu) "Move Range" - function added

    - now all screenmodes useable again
      (minimal dimensions - because of the menu and the Prefs-requester

    - reinserted the "Snapshot"-function in the mix-window-menu

    Ver. 1.10 (17.03.2002)

    - new created design (without to leave the Bars&Pipes-feeling)

    Ver 1.11 (15.4.2002)

    - bugs in Print removed
      ( * Cycle-gadget for "Resolution" disappered
        * Checkmarks are "forgotten" after "Preview"
        * Chords are printed now )

    - bugs in the colors of the display removed
      ( * after loading a *.mid-file with sMerFF -> Start -> Stop
          white was changed to black
        * after switched "visual" metronome off, the colors are not
          refreshed to "normal" )

    - integrated Realtime and SystemCommon-commands (only in CAMD)
      ( * external synchronisation
        * Start, Stop, Continue
        * MidiClocks, SongPointer-placing )

    Ver 1.12 (08.05.02)

    - MIDI Time Code realised, was not real working
      in the previous version
    - new version of the CAMD MIDI-In and Out Tools
    - bug with duplicated notes from MIDI-In removed
    - blocked global input of ActiveSense(0xFE) and Reset(0xFF) messages
    - scrolling and songlength-bug removed
    - user-songlength enhanced
    - remotecontrol global switch on or off

    Ver. 1.13 (18.05.02)

    - copyright removed, to make it possible to other  developers  to  join
      this project

    - some bugs remove, which occured during including MIDI-Time-code

    - CAMD-support  can  be  deactivated  to  use  older  MIDI-Tools,  like
      TriplePlay and other

    - SysEx-transmission  is   now   better.   You   may   record   normal
      SysEx-messages direct to track  (not  complete  system-dumps,  these
      BarsnPipes is not (yet) able to hold in tracks).

    -  CAMD-Tools  are  able  to  choose  the  linkage  to  each  installed

    Ver. 1.14 (08.06.2002)

    - asyncio.library removed, it causes some problems

    - ScreenFont (8x8 points fixed width) and PrintFont (9x8  points  fixed
      width) now chooseable.

    - if "Wand" in Editor on, then "Lasso" off

    - new in Editor-Menu-Point "Copy to all Tracks"

    - CAMD-Tools bug removed; ATTENTION: Please use these !

    Ver. 1.15 (03.07.2002)

    - all requesters with time-input now changed to overwrite mode
      (Bars:Beat:Clocks and Hour:Minute:Second.Frame)

    - bug in requester of programnumber-input in the editor removed
      (Pop-Up-Menu opened behind the requester)

    - bug with the closing of the "Define Patch-Lists"-window removed

    - "Move Range" now also possible global in the mainwindow (trackwindow)

    - "Undo" and "Revert" are exchanged, "Are you sure"-message of "Revert"
      somewhat altered

    - bug removed - resolution cycle gad in the print requester always shows
      "Hi Res" when the window is reopened after preview

    - BarsnPipes now opens at a public screen "BarsnPipes"

    Ver. 1.16 (01.10.2002)
    - Icons in main-window altered to 32 colors (not in "classic" version)

    - Bugs removed:

        * Listeditor: Edit-Marker now working right

        * Track(Main)-window: Scroll-Button  was  expanded  again  in  some
          songs to the whole width of the scroll, songlength was set to 0.

        * Pianoroll-Events now shown correct in all "range-cases"

    Ver. 1.17 (20.10.2002)

    - Double ScreenWidth and Double ScreenHeight now are exactly the double
      of the Text-Overscan of the current choosen screenmode, equal,  which
      dimensions you have had defined in the screenmode-requester before.

      NB.:Text-Overscan is the size of the screen, which fits  exactly  the
      visible range on the monitor.


      These values are not stored anywhere. If you want to go back to these
      values, you must:

      1. uncheck the Double Width and Double Height gadgets

      2. "Choose" - screenmode and insert your values  into  the  Width  and
        Height integer-gadgets in the screenmode-requester and resume

      3. after that you may click "Save" or "Use", like you want

    - Changed  the  method of  altering  a  value  with  the  mouse  in  the
      List-Editor in "Magic-Wand"-mode

    - Changed the colorization in  the  song-construction-window.  Now  the
      marked and shifted range is more "colored".
      (Not in the "classic" version)

    - MIDI-Defaults now defineable for each MIDI-channel separate, and they
      may be saved and loaded in separate files

    Ver. 1.18 (24.12.2002)

    - moving notes error in the editor in "grid-mode" removed
      (moving from bar 86 freezed the AMIGA)

    - Skinability: (not in the "classic"-version)
      Now all pictures of the GUI (Graphical  User  Interface)  are  loaded
      from   external   iff-pics.  So  it  is  possible  (with  some  small
      limitations) to create own custom GUIs.

    Ver. 1.19 (10.02.2003)

    - bugs removed:
      * switching between "normal" and "list" editor.
        Now the top of the event-list is real the next possible displayable
        (Bigger free ranges in the List-Editor are only to recognize by the
        values, they are NOT shown by the List-Editor.)

      * horizontal-scrollers now are working right in:
        - Timeline - window
        - TempoMap - window
        - MediaMadness - window
        - SongConstruction - window

      * Stepentry works now better

      * external synchronization with MIDI-clocks now works better

    - PopUp-Menu in the editors for the mostly used edit-functions added

    - checkmark gadgets have a new knob (not in the "classic"-version)

    - "Selective Toolize" window somewhat altered
      in the "classic"-version previous requester reinserted

    - LeadIn in Loop-Record-Mode is now working

    - name of the locale-file of the "classic"-version changed to:
      "BarsnPipesC.catalog", because they now different.
      So you may use both version, without problems with the locale.
      The version number of the classic version is jumped to 1.19 to have
      the same number in both versions.

    Ver. 1.20 (01.04.2003)

    - bugs removed:

        * Visible metronome now reset the screencolors, if switch off.
          Also BarsnPipes no longer freeze the AMIGA in this case.

        * "Scroll and show"-bug in the listeditor removed. (sometimes the
          list of the events was truncated)

        * Enforcer-Hit removed, which occured, when  menu  :"Show->Copy  to
          All Tracks" was choosen.

        * Synchronization improved between the windows while the  sequencer
          is running, especially after fast forward or fast back.

    - new possibility to choose the Controller-number in the editor faster

    - new possibility to choose the piano-roll-bounds in the editor faster

    Ver. 1.21 (30.11.2003)

    - bugs removed:

        * songlength-calculation now correct

        * In Transportwindow:
          1/2 and 3/4 button - switching corrected (this doesn't work if
          "Synchronize to TempoMap" in Timing->Menu is on)

        * In Songconstructionwindow:
          - scrolling works better now
          - problems with the gadgets removed

        * MIDI Time Code in slave-mode works somewhat more reliable

        * Synchronization with MIDI-clock OR MIDI-Timecode in the Timing-
          Menu (not both at the same time, this makes no sense)

        * Arrows of the Knobs in the Mixwindow now proper drawn

    - new: Message, if BarsnPipes is just running, and started a second time.

    - new: Progressbar in the splash-window at startup (not in classic-version)

    - camd-handling somewhat simplified

    - new: CAMD-Tools ver.1.4

    Ver. 1.22 (16.12.2003)

    - reinserted the function "installtransportp" in the struct functions
      (So some tools, which are using this, now are  working  like  before.
      ex.SoundCanavas.  This  is  important  to  know for Tools/Accessories
      programmers, which possible have made a  tool/accessory  between  the
      version 1.21 and 1.22. All is working like before.)

    - bugs removed:

        * Recoloring-problem of the pointer removed, if  a  working  window
          was closed, and the current pointer was not the sax.

        * Listeditor, choosing a event with the Wand failed, if the  events
          have had the same starttime.

    Ver. 1.23 (16.01.2004)

    - bugs removed:

        * reason for the  crash  when  loading  some  original  Accessories

    For this completely recompiled.

    Ver. 1.24 (10.11.2004)
    - added:

        * Choosing the backgroundcolor of a trackname, which is saved within the song, and

    Ver. 1.25
    * Screenmode:
    - choosing modes with depth higher than 8 bit (256 colors) are not

    - choosing "Cancel" restores the previous values, and doesn't restart
      the program

    * Tracknames:
    - If backgroundcolor is not black, the text is drawen in black.

    - If "Realtime" or "Linear" is choosen, red rectangle before the track-
      name indicates this mode.

    - Leading spaces in Tracknames are not longer eliminated.

    * Editor:
    - Menu : Display -> Note Range -> Pianorollbounds
      If choosen "Automatic" the range is set 3 higher  and  3  tones  lower,
      than the highest and lowest notes.

    - Menu : Prefs->Automatic Pianorollbounds
      Now real working.
      In some cases, this maybe somewhat confusing. You have to deside if you
      want it.

    - Arrowkeys in Pencil-, Hand-Mode works now in  all  directions.
      Arrow up/down works now also in Stepentry-Mode

    - Bounding Box(Lasso)-mode now also works in  Wand-Mode  to  tie  up  2
      equal notes.

    * New Songlength calculation
    - see @{"here" link LENGTH}

    * Saving extraneous data fixed

    Ver. 1.26 (29.04.07)
    * SysEx-Editor
    - some small bugs removed

    * Synchronisation MIDI-Time-Code
    - increased the accuracy

    * after loading a Song the first track is selected

    * if  no  Synchronisation  is  checked   in   the   Timing-Menu,   the
      synchronization is real off now

    * @{"Skinability" link "SKINABILITY"} complete removed - the starting  time  of  BarsnPipes  is
      increased very much

    * 64-color-version and a 8-color-version and a OS2.1 8-color-version

    Ver. 1.27 (15.01.08)
    * decided, to change always the version number, also if only some small alterations
      where made; this always results in a new release

    * SysEx-Editor
    - removed the bug, that the Sysex-string was truncated, if a 00-value was entered

    - Classic version only:
      removed the bug, that the Media-Madness window the range of the track wasn't
      updated(refreshed/new drawen) while playing

    Ver. 1.28 (26.01.09)
    * Since this version the furtherdevelopment of the classic version is completely
      canceled, because of unsolvable problems with the camd.library. And I have no
      possibility, to work/test on a real AMIGA with OS2.*

    * Track- (Main) window:
      Possible maximal-width of the sequence- (middle) part increased for the use with
      higher screenresolutions.

    * Editor-window
      In "Box-mode" now only the visible controller is effected by the actual action.
      Before all controllers were effected.
        If Eraser and Box are selected, only the values in the current controller are
        erased - before all values of all controllers were erased in the marked range.

    * For Tool-programmers: the routine processsysex is now full working like explained
      in the "New Rules for tools" (send or insert into track) - complete new written.

    * The 0-key on the keypad now real toggles between Start(always from the beginning
      of the song) and Stop.
      NB: the Enter on the keypad toggles between Play(current position of the
          playpointer) and Stop.

    * When using V-key(toggle visual metronome on/off) in the main-window, the display
      is not set proper to the normal colors of visual metronome is switched off.

    * Colorcycling of the visual-metronome somewhat changed.

    * After changing the screenmode and close/reopen the screen, the menu is now drawen

    * Tempo-LEDs in mini-transport-window now proper updated, when timetype is changed

    * In the Editor the staff-centernote (octave) can now be changed also by clicking
      on the small C* between the clefs. This opens the well known "Set Staff Center

    * all important pics in the 8-color-version changed (there were to much purple on
      the screen)
	Ver. 1.29 (22.02.09)
    * because of reported problems with clusterchoosing in the CAMD-MIDI-tools by the
      use of the two different camd.libraries:
      - both versions synchronized completely besides the different images of the GUI
        and new compiled
      - CAMD-Tools new designed and recompiled

    Alfred Faust or