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Inovatools1 as an AmigaDos library

    To use InovaTools 1 as an AmigaDos library, the file "inovatoolsl.library" must be copied into the Libs: directory where other libraries such as diskfont.library and icon.library exist.

    The base vector for InovaTools 1 is called InovaTools1Base. It has no type definition, just declare it as a long integer.

    Unlike working with the linked library, the AmigaDos InovaTools library does not require that you open any libraries other than inovatoolsl.library itself. And, calls to ReleaseFiles() and DeleteAll() need not be made.

    If you are working in Lattice C or any language that can link with Alink or Blsnk, link "inovatools1.lib" in with your program.

    If you are working with Lattice 4.0, you can use its inline library call capabilty, in which case you don't need to link with anything. Instead, include the file "inovatoolsl.h" in your source code. It has all of the "#pragma" definitions for the calls.

    If you are working with another language such as Basic or Forth, there is a standard .fd file called "inovatools1.fd" that you can use.

    If you are working in assembler, you can either call the routines in inovatools1.lib, or generate the in-line code yourself. For reference, the source to inovatools1.lib (inovatools1.a) is provided. Here is a C program that uses the library:

        long InovaTools1Base;
        InovaTools1Base = OpenLibrary("inovatools1.library",0);
        if (InovaTools1Base) {
        /* Your program. */