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    All programs provided herein are entirely

    copyright 1988 by Todor Fay

    and distributed under license by

    11311 Stemmons Freeway,
    Suite 8,
    Texas 75229.

    All rights are reserved.

    The programs and documentation are sold "AS IS" and without warranties as to performance, merchantability, or fittness for a particular purpose. Sale of this software conveys a license for its use on up to two computers owned or operated by only the purchaser. Copying this software or documentation by any means whatsoever for any other purpose is strictly prohibited. However, the linkable "C" code may be freely included via linking in end-user programs without royalty or license. For information regarding the distribution of the Amiga system library format, please contact INOVATRONICS, Inc.


    The InovaTools 1 software and manual were both written entirely by Todor Fay.

    The HTML-manual was transcribed by Alfred Faust in 1999

    if you find any orthographic fault, please contact me ( or correct them by yourself.