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Inovatools1 as linked library

    InovaTools 1 needs several AmigaDos libraries open. They are Intuition, Graphics, Mathffp and Layers, so, your program should open these libraries before it does anything else. These are all ROM libraries, so there is no danger that the user's system does not have them available. If you use the File Requester, call ReleaseFiles() when done. Likewise, if you make use of any of the duplication utilities (like DupeNewWindow), call DeleteAll() to make sure all allocated memory is returned.

        struct IntuitionBase *IntuitionBase;
        struct LayersBase *LayersBase;
        struct GfxBase *GfxBase;
        struct MathBase *MathBase;
        main() {
        IntuitionBase = OpenLibrary("intuition.library",0);
        LayersBase = OpenLibrary("layers.library",0);
        GfxBase = OpenLibrary("graphics.library",0);
        MathBase = OpenLibrary("mathffp.library",0); '
        /* Your program. */
    If you are working with Lattice C, link your program with the library itools1l.lib.

    If you are working with Axtec C, there are two libraries. For the older, non Alink compatable Aztec C, link with "itools1oa.lib". For the new, Alink compatable, Aztec C, link with "itools1na.lib".

    If your compiler allows passing integer parameters as 16 bit numbers, make sure all integers are passed to the InovaTools routines as 32 bit numbers.