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Rules for Tools/Accessory Introduction

Introduction to accessories

Bars&Pipes has a system for adding small sub-programs that complement the list of Bars&Pipes' built-in features. These sub-programs are called Accessories.

Unlike Tools, Accessories are general purpose. One Accessory, MuFFy, translates Bars&Pipes compositions into the MIDI File Format, while another, True Colors, lets the user change the Bars&Pipes screen colors. If you are writing a program that adds features to Bars&Pipes, write it as an Accessory.

Each Accessory is represented by an icon in the Accessories window. The user activates an Accessory by double clicking on its icon, thus opening a control window for that Accessory. The only standard items that each Accessory must provide are an icon for the Accessories window, a set of routines to handle opening, processing, and closing the control window, and optional routines to load and save the Accessory data as part of a song. Other than that, your Accessory is free to interact with the Bars&Pipes environment in any way you see fit.