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Rules for Tools/allocevent()


     struct Event *allocevent()

     Use `allocevent()' to allocate an Event from the Bars&Pipes Event
     manager.  If the Event manager succeeds in allocating the Event,
     it returns a pointer to the Event.  Otherwise, if there isn't
     enough memory, it returns 0.

     Because each Event is 20 bytes in size, you can use `allocevent()'
     to allocate any other Event types 20 bytes or smaller in size, as
     long as you eventually release them with `freeevent()'.  For
     example, StringEvent (see struct StringEvent), ChordEvent
     (see struct ChordEvent), SysExEvent (see struct SysexEvent)
     and KeyEvent (see struct KeyEvent) structures
     can be allocated with `allocevent()'.

     See freeevent().