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        void CheckMenuItem(MenuList, MenuNum, ItemNum, SubItemNum, On)


        This routine will set or clear the check mark on a MenuItem for you, without
        you having to have the MenuItem's address hard coded into your program.
        It can be used to alter MenuItems in either the drop down or pop up menu
        Give it the Menu list and the three numbers that identify the intend
        MenuItem, and it will find that MenuItem and, depending on the Boolean 'On',
        it will set or clear the CHECKED bit in the MenuItem's Flags.
        If you wish to access a MenuItem that has subitems, set SubItemNum to
        MENUNULL, or -1, and it will update the MenuItem, rather than one of its
        If you are dealing with a Menu that is already installed (with SetMenuStrip)
        you can call:

        (*functions->CheckMenuItem)( window -> MenuStrip, MenuNum, ItemNum,
                                     SubItemNum, On);


        MenuList   = Pointer to the linked list of Menu structures.
        MenuNum    = Index of menu to search in
        ItemNum    = Position in menu of the selected MenuItem.
        SubItemNum = Position in sbitem list of MenuItem;
                     if not desired, set this to MENUNULL
        On         = Boolean flag,
                     TRUE to set the CHECKED flag,
                     FALSE to clear it


        none (void)