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Rules for Tools/display()

          void display(long flags)

    `long flags'
          Display flags.

     `display()' refreshes the main screen, redrawing the sections
     selected by the flag bits (see Display Flags).  `display()' is
     intended primarily for use by Accessories.  If you have a Tool
     that needs to refresh the main screen for some reason, call
     `display()' through `doscall()' to guarantee it synchronizes

     The display flags:

          Draw the track names.

          Draw the track input selectors.

          Draw the left PipeLines.

          Draw the Record/Play buttons.

          Draw the sequence portion of each track.

          Draw the Through/Mute buttons.

          Draw the right PipeLines.

          Draw the channel out numbers.

          Draw the flags.

          Refresh the menu checkmarks.

          Do all of the above.

          Redraw for new song.

     `display()' can draw any one item or several if you OR the flags: