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        Menu = (struct Menu *) DupeMenu(MenuList)


        This makes a copy of the supplied menu. Menu and MenuItem structures are
        allocated and copied into. Structures used for rendering, such as Images and
        IntuiText, are not copied, just the pointer to them are duplicated.
        The purpose of this routine is to provide a method for generating multiple
        copies of the same window, so they can run concurrently.
        To do this, create your static Menu (probably using for example
        POWERWindows). Dupe it with this routine. Stick the duplicate copy in a new
        window with SetMenuStrip. You might create a seperate task that opens that
        window. Dupe the menu again and create another task that opens another
        window, using that menu. Although identical copies of the same window will
        exist on the screen, mucking with one menu can not effect the other. When
        each task is done, it calls ClearMenuStrip, then returns the menu with a call
        to DeleteMenu.
        Note that now you are generating Menus dynamically, you will need to use
        GetMenu and GetMenuItem if you need to access the Menu and MenuItem
        structures that make up your menu.


        MenuList = Pointer to a menu to copy.


        Menu = Pointer to the copied list, or NULL if it ran out of memory.


        DeleteMenu, GetMenu, GetMenuItem, EnableMenu, EnableMenuItem, CheckMenuItem