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Rules for Tools/FatEmbossedPropOn()

     void FatEmbossedPropOn(struct Window *window,
                       short id, short downid, short upid,
                       long (*routine)(), unsigned short range,
                       char type)

     Often, it is useful to have an embossed slider followed by two
     click gadgets for incremental changes.  `FatEmbossedPropOn()'
     takes a proportional gadget, reduces it in size, and places two
     click gadgets at the end so all three fit the space originally
     reserved for the one.  You need only provide the GadgetID for the
     proportional gadget as well as the desired GadgetID's for the two
     new gadgets.

     If you want the two new gadgets to be placed together on the
     right, pass a type of 1.  For arrows that surround the slider,
     pass a type of 2.

     This will Emboss and display all three gadgets, so use it instead
     of `EmbossedPropOn()'.

     You must deallocate with a call to `FatEmbossedPropOff()'.

     Notice that you pass this the routine for the prop gadget, as well
     as the range for both x and y directions.

     See FatEmbossedPropOff().