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File Requester

File Requester
    This general purpose file requester is designed to please everyone.

       *  It kee s file names in memory so it doesn't have to thrash around  the
          disk each time it is invoked.

       *  It can look for one type of file (with a specific  extension), so  the
          user  only  sees  the relevant file names in the directory. All others
          are hidden. Different file  types  may  be  looked  for  in  different
          directories,  so  for each file type requested a seperate list of file
          names is kept.

          Of course, it can also show all file types.

       *  It puts up a list of all available volumes, by  name.  When  the  user
          changes  disks,  the  names automatically are updated. So, there is no
          need to type in "RAM:", and one is not presented with a hard coded set
          of volume names (DFO:, DF1: and DHO:).

       *  It will run in any screen.

       *  It handles opening, closing, and deleting files.

    The routine FileName, which puts up this requester is documented extensively
    in the InovaTools 1 Routines section.