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Rules for Tools/Freelance

Attention Freelance Programmers

The Blue Ribbon Soundworks, Inc. is actively searching for contributions to future MusicBoxes. (The Bars&Pipes Add-on Series Tool and Accessory collections.) If you've created five or more Tools or Accessories and are interested in seeing The Blue Ribbon Soundworks, Inc. publish your work for royalties (good royalties, we might add), please send your work to us on disk along with a letter expressing your interest. Send to:

The Blue Ribbon Soundworks, Inc.,
Add-on Evaluations,
Post Office Box 8689, Atlanta,
Georgia 30306, U.S.A.
(this address is obsolete; A.Faust 20/02/2002)

Your Tools will be evaluated and you will be contacted either by letter or telephone if we are interested in your work. Please do not call us. We will let you know; we promise!

Addenum by Alfred Faust(

Blue Ribbon is no longer supporting Bars&Pipes.
If you want to publish your tools, you may contact me. I'm able to release them at my home-page: