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        MenuItem = GetMenuItem(MenuList, MenuNum, ItemNum, SubItemNum)


        Returns the MenuItem structure in the Menu list at the position defined by
        MenuNum, ItemNum and SubItemNum (the same numbers used to identify it when
        you are receiving MENU events).
        If you wish to access a MenuItem that has subitemns, set SuItemNum to
        MENUNULL, or -1, and it will return the MenuItem, rather than a subitem. If
        you are dealing with a Menu that is already installed (with SetMenuStrip),
        you can call:

        MenuItem = (*functions->GetMenuItem)(window->MenuStrip, MenuNum, ItemNum,


        MenuList    = Pointer to the linked list of Menu structures.
        MenuNum     = Index of Menu to search in.
        ItemNum     = Position in Menu of the selected MenuItem.
        SubItemNum  = Position in subitem list of MenuItem. If not desired, set this
                      to MNEUNULL.


        MenuItem = Pointer to the requested MenuItem, NULL if it doesn't exist.