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Inovatools 1 Routines

That's a addennum from Alfred Faust (

Here the description only of that Inovatools 1 functions, that are contained in the BlueRibbon.library (in Bars & Pipes). That are near all Inovatools 1 functions, except the "Knob" functions. I've tryed to make available these functions for the newer OS (higher than OS 2.0) - but they don't work, I think it is, because them are written for OS 1.2 (!!!).

But indirectly they are reachable through the BlueRibbon.library.
It is only for the Tool-programing, not for stand-alone programs.
I have insert the original description of the Inovatools1. In some reasons it may be a difference in the use of this functions with Bars&Pipes. I've not tested this functions. You should experiment a little, if they won't work propper. I not held liable, if there is any damage. Be warned .... ;)

Here are the descriptions of the available functions in alphabetical order:

Other necessary and useful informations relate to:
    Drag Gadgets
    Pop Up Menus
    Intuition Tools
    File Requester