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Rules for Tools/lengthtostring()

     void lengthtostring(struct Clip *clip, long time,
                    long length, char *string)

    `struct Clip  *clip'
          Clip for conversion.

    `long time'
          Time, in clock ticks.

    `long length'
          Length, in clock ticks.

    `char *string'
          String to write in.

     `lengthtostring()' converts a time duration in clock ticks into
     ascii text in the measure.beat.clocks format.  This is slightly
     more complex than `timetostring()', which converts an absolute
     point in time, because the time signature may change at different
     points in the song, so we need to know the time at which the
     conversion occurs as well as the duration to convert.  Also, to
     describe note length, `lengthtostring()' starts counting from
     measure and beat 0, rather than measure 1, beat 1.
     `lengthtostring()' converts an example 205 clock ticks into the
     string, "0.01.13."

     `clip' determines the time signature used for the conversion.

     See timetostring(), stringtolength(), stringtotime().