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List...() functions


        ListLen    = (short) List_Len(TopItem)
        Position   = (short) List_Position(TopItem, Item)
        Item       = (struct ListItem *) List_Pred(TopItem, NextItem)
        Item       = (struct ListItem *) List_Index(TopItem, Position)
        TopItem    = (struct ListItem *) List_Insert(TopItem, Item, Position)
        TopItem    = (struct ListItem *) List_Remove(TopItem, Item)
        TopItem    = (struct ListItem *) List_Cat(FirstList, SecondList)


        These are a set of general purpose list handling routines that are useful if
        you are using singly linked lists where the first field in each item is a
        pointer to the next item.
        You can use these to manipulate gadget lists and the lists you display with
        the ListInfo structure.
        Some routines that alter a list return a pointer to the top item in the list.
        This is because the top item get changed to a new value.


        TopItem    = Pointer to the top item in your list.
        Item       = Pointer to a specific item in thelist. Might be TopItem.
        NextItem   = Pointer to the item following the one we wish to access.
        FirstList  = pointer to the first item in a list that will have e second list
                     attached to it.
        SecondList = Pointer to the first item in the second list for the
                     concatanation operation.
        Position   = Count that indicates at what position in the list Item is. A
                     Position of -1 can be used to indicate the end of the list.


        ListLen    = the len of the requested list

        Position , Item, TopItem  see above