Welome to the

Rules for Tools

a Guide for Toolprogrammer for Bars&Pipes Professional

  About                       About this guide.
  Introduction                Introduction to the Rules for Tools package.
  Quick Tour                  Overview of Rules for Tools concepts.
  Functions Structure         The functions structure.
  Events Clips and Tracks     The events, clips and tracks structures.
  Tools                       Tool structures and functions.
  Transport Handlers          Writing a transport handler.
  Accessories                 Accessory structures and functions.
  Problems                    Common programming problems.
  Functions                   Alphabetic listing of functions.
  Embossing                   Alphabetic listing of the newish embossing functions.
  Inovatools 1 Routines       Description of the Inovatools 1 Routines
  Structures                  Alphabetic listing of structures.
  Constants                   Constants, Flags, Enumerated Types, etc.

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