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Rules for Tools/ModifyEmbossedProp()

     void ModifyEmbossedProp(struct Window *window, short id,
                        long hpos, long vpos,
                        long hrange, long vrange,
                        long hbody, long vbody)

    `long hpos'
    `long vpos'
          Horizontal and vertical position.

    `long hrange'
    `long vrange'
          Horizontal and vertical range.

    `long hbody'
    `long vbody'
          Horizontal and vertical button size.

     If you need to change the values in the proportional gadget, call
     `ModifyEmbossedProp()' and pass it a pointer to your window, the
     GadgetID, and horizontal and vertical position as well as range
     and body values.

     If you need to change the range values, you may set new ranges, or
     pass 0, indicating no change.

     The position values should be between zero and the ranges.

     To change the size of the thumb button, provide nonzero body
     sizes.  This is important for scrolling list type windows, where
     the button size indicates the percentage of the list that is
     viewable.  For example, if the range is 100 but only 20 items can
     be viewed at once, set the body to 20.

     This routine does not redraw the gadget.  Call
     `DrawEmbossedProp()' to do that.

     See DragEmbossedProp(), DrawEmbossedProp(), ShiftEmbossedProp().