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Rules for Tools/Note Events

Note Events

When Bars&Pipes stores a note in a sequence, it stores it as one Event, `MIDI_NOTEON', rather than as a pair consisting of `MIDI_NOTEON' and `MIDI_NOTEOFF'. To facilitate this, the NoteEvent structure is used in lieu of the Event structure:

     struct NoteEvent {
    struct NoteEvent *next;
    long time;
    char type;
    unsigned char status;
    unsigned char value;
    unsigned char velocity;
    unsigned short duration;
    short data;
    struct Tool *tool; 

As you can see, this structure is almost identical to the Event structure. Since this structure is designed to represent Note Events, rather than generic MIDI information, value and velocity replace `byte1' and `byte2'. Notice that two shorts, `duration' and `data', replace the long data. If an Event is a `MIDI_NOTEON' NoteEvent and it is in a sequence (which is where a PadTool edits it,) `duration' holds the length, in clocks, of the note. Notes in the PipeLine have separate `MIDI_NOTEON' and `MIDI_NOTEOFF' events, and they are processed separately. If you write a Tool that processes the note-off times of notes, make sure to check `EVENT_PADEDIT' to determine whether you should look at the NoteEvent's duration field or at the time field of a later `MIDI_NOTEOFF' NoteEvent to calculate the release time.