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        void SendCloseWindow(Window)


        This sends a CLOSEWINDOW IntuiMessage to the specified window. That window
        will think this was a real message from Intuition and close properly.
        This comes in real handy when you are closing down and you have a bunch of
        seperate tasks running, each with its own window.
        One warning. The window that is closing must reply. In its documentation,
        Intuition proudly proclaims that you can safely close a window without
        replying and Intuition will reclaim all sent messages. Not so here. The
        SendCloseWindow routine must deallocate the message, so it waits for the
        message to return with a WaitPort command. If SendCloseWindow never returns,
        check that your window task properly calls ReplyMsg on a CLOSEWINDOW event.


        Window = Point to the window to close.


        none (void)