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Rules for Tools/ShiftEmbossedProp()

     ShiftEmbossedProp(struct Window *window, short id, short hmove,short vmove)

     If you have set up click up and down (or left and right) gadgets
     for your slider, call `ShiftEmbossedProp()' when you receive a
     `GADGETDOWN' event on one of the buttons.  This drags the slider
     one item at a time until the user lifts up.

     In addition to the window and GadgetID, pass this routine the
     distance you'd like the slider to move.  Usually, this will be 1
     or -1 to increment up or down by one.

     Once again, the return value of your routine is returned by

     See ModifyEmbossedProp(), DragEmbossedProp(), DrawEmbossedProp().