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Rules for Tools/struct Track

struct Track The Track structure. These are arranged in a linked list. Each holds a Clip for the sequence, a Clip for cutting, a Clip for the undo buffer, the Tool list that defines the PipeLine, and a lot of variables that are for display purposes only.

struct Track {
    struct Track *next;         /* Next Track in the list. */
    struct Edit *edit;
    struct Clip clip;           /* A clip that defines the sequence. */
    struct Clip cut;            /* A clip for global editing. */
    struct Clip undo;           /* A clip for undo command. */
    struct EventList record;
    struct Tool *toollist;      /* List of tools. */
    struct Tool tool;           /* Sequence tool. */
    struct Tool *point;
    unsigned char channelin;    /* MIDI Channel coming in. */
    unsigned char channelout;   /* MIDI Channel going out. */
    unsigned char mode;         /* Mute | Through | Record. */
    unsigned char selected;     /* Track is highlighted. */
    long group;                 /* Group bits. */
    unsigned long marks[20];
    short markindex;
    short height;
    short nameleft;
    short namewidth;
    short nameindent;
    short channelinleft;
    short toolsinleft;
    short toolsinwidth;
    short toolsinindent;
    short playrecordleft;
    short sequenceleft;
    short sequencewidth;
    long sequenceindent;
    short muteleft;
    short toolsoutleft;
    short toolsoutwidth;
    short toolsoutindent;
    short toolsouttotalwidth;
    short channeloutleft;