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Rules for Tools/Structures

Alphabetical listing of structures
  struct Accessory          
  struct Chord              
  struct ChordEvent         
  struct Clip               
  struct Clipboard          
  struct DynamicsEvent      
  struct Edit               
  struct Environment        
  struct Event              
  struct EventList          
  struct Functions          
  struct HitName            
  struct KeyEvent           
  struct MacroTool, struct MacroLine, struct MacroMaster  
  struct Measure            
  struct Mix                
  struct NBeat              
  struct NMeasure           
  struct NotateEvent        
  struct NoteEvent          
  struct NoteRef            
  struct PatchNames         
  struct Rhythm             
  struct RhythmEvent        
  struct SaveEdit           
  struct Section            
  struct SMPTE              
  struct Song               
  struct String             
  struct StringEvent        
  struct SysEx              
  struct SysExEvent         
  struct Template           
  struct Tempo              
  struct TempoChange        
  struct TimeSigEvent       
  struct TimeSigList        
  struct Tool               
  struct ToolMaster         
  struct ToolName           
  struct ToolTray, struct ToolTrayItem  
  struct Track              
  struct Transport          

 The three Inovatools1 structures

 struct DragInfo
 struct ListInfo
 struct ListItem