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Rules for Tools/Tool Type Flags

Tool Type Flags
#define TOOL_SEQUENCE    0x0001  /* This is actually the track. */ 
#define TOOL_INPUT       0x0002  /* This is an input tool. */ 
#define TOOL_OUTPUT      0x0004  /* This is an output tool. */ 
#define TOOL_NORMAL      0x0008  /* This is a normal tool. */ 
#define TOOL_ONTIME      0x0010  /* This tool doesn't accept early events. */ 
#define TOOL_BRANCHIN    0x0020  /* This tool merges two inputs. */ 
#define TOOL_BRANCHOUT   0x0040  /* This tool has two outputs. */ 
#define TOOL_MACRO       0x0080  /* This tool is a macro tool. */ 
#define TOOL_MACROOUT    0x0100  /* This is the output of macro. */

#define TOOL_MACROBRANCH 0x0200  /* This is the branch output of macro. */ 
#define TOOL_MACROIN     0x0400  /* This is the input of macro. */ 
#define TOOL_GROUPIN     0x0800  /* This tool part of group input. */

#define TOOL_MIDI        0x1000  /* This tool is MIDI capable. */ 
#define TOOL_NOTPAD      0x2000  /* This can not go in the toolpad. */ 
#define TOOL_STOOL       0x4000  /* This is a sequencer tool. */ 
#define TOOL_NOTPIPE     0x8000  /* This tool can not go in pipeline. */