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Rules for Tools/Usage

Using Rules for Tools

Rules for Tools is composed of this disk with source code and documentation. The next six chapters discuss how to write Bars&Pipes tools and accessories, then the summary of library calls lists each Bars&Pipes routine and how to use it.

We've included the source code to several Bars&Pipes tools and one accessory. The best way to learn (and certainly the most rewarding) is by doing. Modify these, even use them as a basis for your own designs. All you need is a c compiler and, if you plan to use any of the Inovatools user interface routines embedded in the Bars&Pipes library, Inovatools 1 from Inovatronics. We also recommend Power Windows, also from Inovatronics, for user interface design as well as Deluxe Paint III for designing tool and accessory icons. Power Windows files for the tool examples are on the source disk.

Before we start, let's make two important assumptions: