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    TriplePlay 1.Version (27.9.1999)

    This was a new PCB for the TriplePlay from Ryan Osman (

    TriplePlay 2.Version (30.9.1999)

    Triple Play 3.Version (14.10.1999)

    Triple Play 3 small Addenum (17.12.1999)

    At this place I will also say you a fact, before you try this all. Have you ever used Bars&Pipes with 16 channels and many notes and other datas like PitchBend-data or SystemExclusive-datas?

    If your AMIGA have had problems with this, it is not probable, that it can handle the full possibilities of 3x16 channels with many of this datas.

    If you not often use PitchBend-data or SystemExclusive-datas the Sequencer works fine with the TriplePlay-MIDI-Interface and 3x16 channels.

    In the other way I think a 68040 processor with 40 Mhz is the minimum of the work with this TriplePlay - MIDI - Interface.

    But try it. Bars&Pipes have so much possibilities ...