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How make a PCB for this ...

Making the PCB
Print out the exposure-mask to the transparent paper. It is possible with a normal computerprinter in black/white. Use maximal contrast.

The #?.ps - files you can print out using "ghostscript" or "post", if you have no postscript-printer. Then all will be printed in the right messures.

The #?.iff - files you can print out with any graphic print program ("graphic-publisher" of "Turboptint", or "Studio" or other). A DTP-Program is also a good coice. In this way you must a little experiment up to the measure-lines matchs the lenght that shown.

I've made the PCB with ProDraw3. So I can give you the ProDraw-files, if you have this program. Then is the print easier.

Send me a mail if you want these, download here please.

If you can't make PCB's by yourself, I can help you. But I'm not a electronic concern ... ;-)

Lay the printed mask down the PCB-material. (remove the protections- foil before). Use the mirrored one with the printcoulor to the PCB. That means, that it is now unmirrored. Press it down with a plate of glas. Than lay it under the lamp. The exposuretimes: see here.

After the exosure put the PCB immediately in the developer. (You have it to prepare before) In a short time you will now see appeare the line wires. When all spaces between the line wires are free, take the PCB out of the developer and bring it under water. Then let it dry accurate. Don't use a cloth, it wipes the line wires.

!!!! CAUTION !!!
The developer and later the corrosive is very corrodive.

!!!! USE GLOVES !!!

It the PCB is dry put it in the corrosivebath (You have to prepare it before). The time it takes to cauterize is between 10 min and some hours.

If all line wires clean cauterized put it under water to wash up all corrodive.

- use a drill 1 mm

On the PCB you can see how all components shall be connected. Also you will see the connections to the PCB. (Power, Audio-output, MIDI-Output and other)

Use a electric soldering iron with no more than 20 W.

For the connection to out use soldering pins.

Look accurate before soldering the IC.

                     ___   ___
                 1 =|    O    |= 16
                   =|         |=
                   =|   MAX   |=
                   =|   232   |=   Top View
                   =|         |=
                   =|         |=
                   =|         |=
                 8 =|_________|= 9

The connectors for the DB-50XG card are to bottom of the PCB. The pins of the doublerowed pinconnector that are not used, you must pull away. Then press the other pins down up to the surface of the plastic part, that holds all the pins. Put then from top to bottom through the PCB an solder them.
Use only so much solder tin as necessary.

It shall look from the side like so:

            .  .  .                           .  .  .  .  .
       |                                                          | PCP
            |  |  |          *                |  |  |  |  |
            |  |  |         *|*               |  |  |  |  |
            |  |  |        * | *              |  |  |  |  |
            |  |  |       *  |  *             |  |  |  |  |