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For general

The use of the port-interface-IC "MAX 232" is for my meaning the better way to connect a MIDI-device with an AMIGA serial-port.

This IC transform the signals of TTL to CMOS or CMOS to TTL in the correct way. The input- and outpulevels are precisely of the guiding principle. So it is not necessary in our case to put an optocoupler to the MIDI-In. That makes it for us some easier.

If MIDI-IN will not work in your case, then connect the pin 10 and 11 of the IC. Then it should work.

There is a special thing with the DB-50XG:

After switch power on, the RESET-Pin of the Card (26) MUST be connected to the digital ground for a time of 200 milliseconds. So it will be initialisized.

In the other way the card won't work !!!!!

I have on the PCB made the possibility to bring this out of the device, so you can make always at the begin and when you will a hardware-RESET.

It is usefull, if anywhat is wrong and the card sounds and sounds and sounds ...

If you are using the Bars&Pipes-sequencer:

I've written a Toolset for my DB-50XG. With this Toolset you can program the DB-50XG in all possibilities witout to now how to handle the cryptical SysEx-commands.