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    My name is Alfred Faust. I'm a german men, and hope my english is understandable. I'm 48 years old, and I'm just pensioner of illness.

    I work with an AMIGA since 1991. In the time between I had a A 500 with some expansions.

    At this time I use a A1200 with
    a Blizzard1240/40 accellerator,
    build in a tower with ZorroII-board.
    There is a graphics-card "MerlinII",
    a soundcard "Prelude",
    a 3,2 GB-IDE-harddisk,
    a 8x ATAPI-CDROM,
    Fast-Ram 32 MB.

    Since 1993 I work with Bars&Pipes. Since this fantastic program is FREE (not PD), I use Bars&Pipes2.5 and also "SuperJAM!1.1".

    With my MIDI-equipment (DX11 and the DB-50XG from YAMAHA - that is the real sound...) a made some fine music. For this card I wrote some tools to program this card with all the fantastic sounds and effects.

    my smail mail address:

    Alfred Faust
    Rosengasse 8
    D-34576 Homberg

    my e-mail addresses: