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The Triple Play Tools

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    The "Driver Tools" I've also put in this package. They replaces the MIDI-OUT.ptool. Before you can use the TriplePlay.ptools you must remove the MIDI-Out.ptool in the Toolbox (in the menu of the Toolbox "Remove Tool"). After that "Install Tool..." - the three TriplePlay.ptools. Use them as MIDI-Out-Tools.

    Each of them can handle 16 Channels.

    That means: Each MIDI-OUT-Port has 16 MIDI-Channels. 3x16 = 48

    So you have now real up to 48 MIDI-Channels.

    All other functions the same like in the MIDI-Out-Tool.

    What are these tool do ?

    To control the TriplePlay-MIDI-Interface these tools use PIN4 (Request To Send) and PIN20 (Data Terminal Ready).

    If data arrived in the track, where the tool resides, the tool switch PIN4 & PIN20.

                           PIN4    PIN20
        Triple Play 1       0        0
        Triple Play 2       1        0
        Triple Play 3       0        1
    The IC 4052 of TriplePlay-MIDI-Interface switches the data to the correspondending MIDI-Out-port.

    Theoretical it is possible to switch PIN4 & PIN20 to 1 and 64 channels are possible. But I think this is far away of that, what a AMIGA is able to do.

    I think, a normal AMIGA has trouble to manage the 48 channels, if there datas in all 48 channels at the same time. But try it ...

    TPPset Doc by Alfred Faust

    A program to switch thru one of the Out-Ports of the TriplePlay-Midi-Interface
    (It can replace the litte switch.
    Download - here)

    TP3Add.gif (6858 bytes)

    After I've made the TriplePlay-Project I've discussed with Kjetil S. Matheussen about the security of the little switch I've added to use the TriplePlay with MIDI-software, that can't control the PIN4 (Request To Send) and PIN20 (Data Terminal Ready) of the serial-port.

    I asked him to write a little program that do this job by software. So he made this small program to set the default out port for the Triple Play or Quadra Play midi-interfaces.

    This program is the software alternative to the little switch in my TPP. Both are possibilities to solve the same thing. But this program is able to replace 3 (or 4 for the Quadra Play) switches.

    The Quadra Play is a one port enhanced version of the TriplePlay. That version I've not put in the public, because in the moment the software is missing to use it.


    This program and its sourcecode is released into the Public Domain, and may be freely distributed in its original form.

    It is supplied ``as is'', and comes with no warranty. This program code was released because it might be useful as a starting point for other programmers. However, if any damage arises from its use, the original author and I will not be held liable. Use it at your own risk.

    This must be, we are poor ... :(

    But I think it is NOT possible to damage the TPP-MIDI-Interface with this program.

    You are free to use and modify this code to your heart's content, provided you acknowledge Ketil S. Mattheussen as the original author in any code that you might distribute which is based largely on this code.


    Put the program TPPset at a place you want, I recommend the C: directory.

    AFTER (!) you have started the MIDI-program, you want to use (like "MIDIPlay") with the TriplePlay, start TPPset with the portnumber you want to use as argument in a CLI-window, and the requested port will be switched thru.


    TPPset 1   (will switch the Out-Port 1 thru)

    Now you can connect the Out-Port 1 with your MIDI-equipment. Thats all :-)) !

    Many thanks to the


    Kjetil S. Matheussen.

    for this nice program.

    January, 9. 2000