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TP3 as a normal MIDI-Interface

    If you are made my TP3-project you have noticed that in this form it is not useable for other applications except Bars&Pipes with the TriplePlay-Tools.

    It's a pity, you will think. But for this I have a solution:

    You only need a little switch and a thin two-wired cable.

    In this package you will find a picture("TP3Add.gif") that is a detail of the picture "TP3Comp.gif" an shows where the little swich must be connected.

    TP3Add.gif (6858 bytes)

    With this switch the multiplexer IC 4052 will be bridged for the "OUT1".

    So you can switch the OUT1 to a normal MIDI-Out, and you can use the TP3-OUT1 as a normal MIDI-Interface. Switching can be done during the computer is on.

    In THIS case you must NOT turn the computer off before switching.

    But I say it again : don't make any connection ore disconnection to the ports of your AMIGA when the computer is on. The IC's for the serial or parallel ports are very sensitive.

    Don't make more than this one switch to the TP3. It will not work proper if more than one OUT of the TP3 will be "bridged".

    With this addenum you can use the TP3 with programs like OctaMED-Sound- studio or MIDI-Play or other programs that works with MIDI.

    A alternative is to use the small program TPPset by Kjetil S. Matheussen.

    Good luck !
    Have fun !