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DB-50XG <-> AMIGA Hack

    DB50XGInterfaceSMDsm.gif (10118 bytes)

    This Version I've new developed. It is (so I think) the smallest version we can make with our possibilities at home.

    The picture here is a small variant. Please use for making the PCB only the picture in the archive, that you can download - here. Maki8ng the PCB is the same way I described - here. At he picture you can see the connections to outside of the PCB. This view is at the side of the leads.

    The parts in SMD are always mounted at the side of the leads!

    The connections to outside I've made so, that you can use a PCB-connector. I suggest a doublerowed connector with bent wires.

    To sold in this connector you need a soldering iron with a sharp tip, and a fine feeling at your hands.

    At the other side of the connector you have to isolate one wire against the other. I use a isolation tube, that is shrinking by heat.

    To sold in the IC, please cut the pins up to that, it layes down the PCB. The connector to the DB-50XG comes out at the side with no leads. That means: if you later put the PCB to the DB-50XG, the parts are at the top.

    From side it will seen so:

    Seitenansicht.gif (1119 bytes)

    I've builded this SMD-version, and it works fine at my equipment .