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Rules for Tools/clipboard()

     long clipboard(long command, struct Clip *clip);

    `long command'
          Requested Clipboard operation.

    `struct Clip *clip'
          Clip structure to send or receive.

     The clipboard command communicates with the Clipboard window,
     providing a method for transferring Clips between the Clipboard
     and other program modules.

     To read a Clip from the Clipboard, set the command to `CLIP_GET'
     and provide an empty Clip.  Bars&Pipes will copy the contents of
     the currently selected Clip in the Clipboard into clip.

     To  copy clip into the Clipboard, set the command to `CLIP_PUT'.
     Bars&Pipes will make a copy of clip and insert the copy in the
     list of Clips in the Clipboard.

     See clearclip(), dupeclip(), cutclip(), copyclip(), pasteclip(),
     mixclip(),  loadclip(), saveclip().