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Rules for Tools/copyclip()

    void copyclip(struct Clip *source, struct Clip *copy,
              long begin, long end)

    `struct Clip *source'
          The Clip to copy from.

    `struct Clip *copy'
          The Clip to copy to.

    `long begin'
          Starting time of copy.

    `long end'
          Ending time of copy.

     `copyclip()' duplicates the section between the begin and `end'
     markers in the source Clip and places it in the copy Clip.  It
     places the copied section at the start of the copy Clip, so the
     total length of the copy Clip is `begin - end'.  `copyclip()'
     copies the lyrics, time signature changes, and all other Song
     Parameters as well as the MIDI Event list.

     See clearclip(), dupeclip(), cutclip(), pasteclip(), mixclip(),
     loadclip(), saveclip(), clipboard().