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Rules for Tools/cutclip()


    void cutclip(struct Clip *source, struct Clip *cut,
                   long begin, long end)

    `struct Clip  *source'
          The Clip to cut from.

    `struct Clip  *cut'
          The Clip to place cut in.

    `long begin'
          Starting time of cut.

    `long end'
          Ending time of cut.

     `cutclip()' chops the section between the `begin' and `end'
     markers in the source Clip and places it in the cut Clip.  It
     moves the section beyond the `end' marker forward to the `begin'
     marker, filling the gap.  It places the removed section at the
     start of the cut Clip, so the total length of the cut Clip is
     `begin' - `end'. cutclip chops the lyrics, time signature changes,
     and all other Song Parameters as well as the MIDI Event list.

     See clearclip(), dupeclip(), copyclip(), pasteclip(), mixclip(),
     loadclip(), saveclip(), clipboard().