The TriplePlay-MIDI-Interface

    Das Projekt auf deutsch.

    Welcome to the final TriplePlay project.

    Copyright and Disclaimer .... it is neccessary !!
    Autor who am I ...
    History with some explaination

    Some theoreticals if you are interested ... :-)

    What components we need

    Making the PCB the core

    Addenum TP3 as a "normal" MIDI-Interface

    The Triple Play Tools an the TPPset The driving and switching software

    If you are interested in this projekt, you can download it - here.
    If you want download this HTML-Online-Guide please - here.


    After some users had reported to me some problems with the MIDI-IN-Port of the TriplePlay I've reinsert a optocoupler at MIDI-In. How this is relized, you can see here.